The Journey of Integration, poem by Jenna Gee at

The Journey of Integration

The Journey of Integration

written by: Jenna Gee



An old version of me, I hear her tears, I feel her pain
Afraid she’s being tossed out like an old pile of rubbish
Yet, proud and strong she stands, like a mighty fortress
Courageously refusing to crumble and fall without a fight
She tirelessly rages onward against the storm of change
I need her to know the battles she fought weren’t in vain
The mountains she’s climbed are challenges we’ve won
She needs to be reassured she’ll forever be a part of me
Her story, wounds, and battle scars are also my history
I need her to know she’s being integrated and upgraded
That her courage and fortitude are coded into my DNA
Together we turn the page, entering into the next chapter
The Phoenix rising from the ashes of our internal fire
A united front, victorious in each step forward we take

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