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The Mirror’s Tale

The Mirror’s Tale

written by: Fatai Salami



The Mirror once said to me, “I don’t tell time
But I can show what has been lost to time;
Everyone is given a measure of borrowed life like seed of wheat
To sow wisely in good time
While keeping an eye on my critiques, to see how much time they have left”

“Don’t be like some men,” the Mirror quipped, who took their eyes off me ignoring my entreaties, and like reckless Wheat,
pleasured in the lust of the eyes
And the lust of the flesh
Forgetting that shoots of wheat burnt by the fire of sin soon turn to chaff.”

“Sadly,” continued the Mirror, “One day the stack of Chaff will stand before me screaming ‘where did all that time go?’
Alas too late the winnower is at work cleaning His harvest,
the wheat to the ban
and chaff for the fire”

‘Behold, I come quickly.’
Revelation 22:12

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