The Moonlit Tryst by Allan Kayira at

The Moonlit Tryst

The Moonlit Tryst

written by: Allan Kayira



She mashed his need like dark night upon sky.

Her skin tasted of lemon and salt,
a slight hint of vodka and the bleeding light on her flawless skin,
beckoned burrowed desire upon his lips.

Like lyre string, her soul played soft sound upon his ravage taunt,
his teeth and claws almost engulfed inside her flesh.

The north star shown upon their moonlight tryst,
tiding play upon their shoulders and shapes.

Inside their timid hearts,
was a blossom of rekindled romance,
like cosmic of a star cluster in a dark universe.

He was her moon for night,
and darkness brought her forth no more nightmares but
chill to satisfy her fiery need.
And the drunk-penitent’s last steps got lost in the trust of her sighs with no more sobriety for sun but pleasure.

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