The Old, Black, Hanging Tree, written by Roger Turner at

The Old, Black, Hanging Tree

The Old, Black, Hanging Tree

written by: roger turner



In the backroads there’s a legend
By the old black hanging tree
That this is the old crossroads
Where the devil comes to me
There’s nothing near, it’s barren
But the tree and an old rope
It is dark, and bleak and distant
And all devoid of hope
Is this the famous crossroads
where the devil makes a deal
It depends on what you’re willing
To trade and get his seal

There is a tale of Johnny
Who played and won his bet
He beat the Devil at his game
But, the Devil does not fret
For every Johnny that is lost
A million more are signed
Just look around the world and see
They just so easy for to find

The pious and believers
Pass the tree and it’s ok
But, the souls who wish to trade up
Feel a reason for to stay
The Devil hears their pleas
And he comes up to their side
He brings along the contract
And then he takes them for a ride

Deals are made for money
and deals are made for fame
It doesn’t matter to the Devil
He’s the ruler of the game
You’ll get your wish regardless
In trade he gets your soul
The only thing you need to know
Is that you are no longer whole

A contract is a contract
And redemption sets you free
But, to double cross the devil
Isn’t easy as you’ll see
Johnny beat him fairly
And the Devil said that he
Will come and grab a million more
By the old, black, hanging tree.

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