Ebony Pearl, a poem by Mike Ricketts at Spillwords.com

Ebony Pearl

Ebony Pearl

written by: Mike Ricketts


He stands, black and proud in my memory,
Dark skinned,
exuding deep thought
about human rights, and mankind’s plight.
An Icon,
Soul man
Hot Buttered soul man,
no cause for black exploitation ringing through his mind.

Not to be Shafted,
but to immortalize Shaft, –
rhythmic horns robustly ringing through the tracks,
symbolising a recurring, rejoicing voice of what it’s like to be black,
proud, and maximally right about who we are.

Can You be a Soul Man:
black, white, or in between?
Long live his biblical name and may his views be clear.

The African King,
The Black Soul Saint
who found strength in his belief in literacy,
and its power for his troubled race.

Keep this, Memphis,
Let me see, Tennessee,
build a monument in acknowledgment
to the cosmic rays
of Isaac Hayes.

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