The Old Sumac, poetry written by Huntersjames at

The Old Sumac

The Old Sumac

written by: huntersjames



Beautiful ancient darkness came before the roots
And after, light remained still so obscure
Is there any magic to give me, a cure?
Meanwhile I share old pictures of me in suits.

You see I am unwell, it seems the sunrise stays all day
Now for me all time is gone into the wind
Like a butterfly seeking what it must find
In this twilight, an inspired place to play.

Imagining the sumac so sweet in mild winter
Wrestling its wild from our suburban strife
We’re soft, so taming is beyond our life
Rather, might we enjoy its steady gift of shelter?

Plant another tree, lots of future’s friend
Stonefruit make for sweet companions
Teasing changes through our imagined seasons
Together we might share peaches without end.

So you can. You can have it all?
Nurse your sumac, respect his longevity
Find him companions fill his days with levity
We can rock in his shade feel him hold us in his thrall.

What might we learn from such a rest?
Surprised as each we are by this new gift.
Did we expect a shooting star to have such lift?
Hold on tight, enjoy it make it last.

Respecting time’s produce, all that can ever be
More than we have wishes for, and that’s a lot
Falling gently into our lap comes love’s sweet honey
A good long life, we can learn from our old sumac stock.

Springtime desert heat gifts us with its dew so sweet
Imagine how our old sumac loves this season
So many memories the rings encircle now long gone
This old man may surprise us and become a loveseat?

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