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The Red Rose

The Red Rose

written by: LadyLily



Breezes stroke her buds like a lover,
blooms spring open in afternoon sunlight,
Tilting their heads to catch succulent raindrops.
This presence gives birth to a beauty,
Shimmering in a dress of cerise.

An ornamental perfection,
Parma-violet tincture,
Petals of wild silk,
In darned winds they ruby-dance.

Crystalizing, gliding in gentian air,
Gusts playing catch, chasing each other
As Swallows knife the ether in a rhythm unknown to man.
A nearby stream, graceful and elegant,
Voyages south. Water reflecting rippled glass.

As another day flips to mist
A natural mystic wakes another sunset.
This Red Rose, queen of an ancient time,
Cinnamon splashed, drizzles rouge magic.

Her limbs, so strong and stable,
Buds fume over tiny Daisies,
Who wink their yellow eyes,
Envious of petals with velvet rims
catching the Sunshine’s laughter
evaporating warm chuckles
with a titter into the aura.

A Summer gift, pulsating heart,
A collector’s piece for poets to indulge.
Timeless, speechless, threaded with astral silk,
May I plant a grateful kiss upon your petal?
Her smile tastes like a crystal orb…
The moment is perfect.

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