The Sandbox the Swing and the Fall by Don Knowles at

The Sandbox the Swing and the Fall

The Sandbox the Swing and the Fall

written by: Don Knowles



At times I can flash back
Back to this imagination flare
Of my youth
I’m in this mega sandbox
We would sit for hours
Making landscapes for trolls
Match box race tracks
A big baking oven for sand cookies
we would just ride with it
The make believe
Take a break in the tire swing
That could reawaken anyone
A box of sand
With every granule an idea
Every so often
Climbing to the highest
thinnest of branch that could support you
Look down into your yard
Knowing you’re safe
Seeing the roof tops
Then a snap
You know how to catch yourself
You’ve done that many times before
(And to this day)
Then back down unshaken
Grainy biscuits await you
Slice of memory
Glad I wrote it down

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