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The Sky Is Beautiful, Not Anymore

written by: Bitupan Das


a beautiful night sky

not anymore

because you’re not here with me

to show me the magic

through your eyes.

tonight I can’t see the stars

maybe because there are dark clouds in my eyes

and slowly it’s raining

raining sadness like hemoglobin

and the love like oxygen that is flowing in my blood

through my veins.


I am thirsty

thirsty for your love

your lips

how can even whiskey replace it?

wind is blowing

and it is softly touching my skin

and I am closing my eyes

to feel your hand over my body

how can even these winds

replace the soft touch of your hand?


the sky is beautiful

not anymore

because you’re not here with me

how can even the moon replace you?


the sky is beautiful

not anymore

because you’re not here with me

and I am too not here with me

because I loved you more than I loved myself

and you took me with you.

Bitupan Das

Bitupan Das

Hi, I'm Bitupan Das, born and brought up in a small city Jorhat, India. Mechanical Engineer by profession, Art lover by heart. And sometimes, I like to do everything. I write poems, stories, play cricket, entrepreneur, introvert. Above all I just like do thinking and thinking. So, deep thinker and dreamer. And I want to change the world with my ideas.
Bitupan Das

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