String Art, a poem by Rando Mithlo at

The String Art

The String Art

written by: Rando Mithlo


On a board with nails and string
Two hounds stare from a patch of green
Found handmade inspired love
It once hung, hang it again

The car door opens, let ‘em out
Lay the blanket down on the ground
Sun glare breech a secret stretch
Distant hawk and idyll sound

Sketch-in captures basic form
Playful thoughts in weather warm
young of age with motion froze
Its color old, but so rare anymore

Split rail fence, aromas surround
hushed wind gust as she read aloud
Raven haired fixed over her book
Drive in points and coil around

With outline strung tacked in place
Squirrel peeks, the hounds give chase
Watch it climb bark like a vine
She’ll close the book for later days

Out of the grove, sprightly bark
She calls to come, and alert they are
This nameless pair on teak wood
Forever now, they will look to her

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