The Sunset, The Beach, The Stars, And The Midnight Sky, poetry by Michelle Ayon Navajas at
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The Sunset, The Beach, The Stars, And The Midnight Sky

The Sunset, The Beach, The Stars, And The Midnight Sky

written by: Michelle Ayon Navajas


at six in the evening i remember clearly, when i was ten
papa would walk me through every now and then
along the coastline of what used to be my favorite place
the famous Boracay; girls wonder and visualize their dreams
with the sunset so breathtaking; it made me wanna be the moon
so i could hold it closely dear to my heart as the world
bid goodbye to the afternoon.

in between the soft gust of wind and the cold splash of water
i played along the shore barefoot, enjoying
the humid evening summer
papa had to drag me to the water to teach me how to swim
but i never learned no matter how I tried, no matter how papa screamed
little did i realize swimming was his way of teaching me life lessons
that to survive, one must fearlessly take on our dreams with passion.

as the night finally appears and the sunset is no longer prominent
horror midnight stories would come running through my mind and hunt
my inner core to my dismay; for i hated when i’m scared
when there is absolutely nothing to be scared of, to begin with.

“they will always be beside the sky,” i’d hear papa saying
pointing out to the stars in the sky as they finally began showing
brightness amidst total darkness, sprinkling dust of joy in the midnight air
then papa said, “just as i will always be beside you no matter what,
my dear.”

it’s been many years, many months, and many sunsets, papa
but i could still see the last one i had with you in my head
the sunset, the beach, the stars, and the midnight sky
my reminders of you, of me, of us, and that we’ll never be apart
wherever life takes us, we remain the best father-daughter duo
always and forever.

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