The Tie That Binds Us written by Sharil Miller at

The Tie That Binds Us

The Tie That Binds Us

written by: Sharil Miller


The tie you wore around your neck I wore around mine too
Sitting in your chair in the dark wearing it and open toe stiletto shoes

The way you held me with your eyes
Filled my stomach with butterflies

The look on your face made me feel my sexiest in every way
That first moment sealed our connection and it was here to stay

It was an amazing night of many firsts
It was a night we quenched our mutual thirsts

From wild and crazy to soft and caring

We lost ourselves in the moment but never stopped sharing

Although our time together that night seemed to move so fast
We somehow both knew it wouldn’t be our last

And here we are still today
With the tie that binds us in an undeniable way

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