The Undiscovered Truth written by Camille at

The Undiscovered Truth

The Undiscovered Truth

written by: Camille



Suck up all the cash!
With an unrelenting thirst!
For gold, for oil, for weapons.
No time for love nor verse.
Your appetite is cavernous,
Your stomach an abyss.
A greed that’s never sated.
Working man the daily dish.

The establishment is in control.
Our doubts and fears their strength.
They poison us with fluoride,
They will go to any length.
More charities and food banks.
Their answer to our plight.
And in our apathy we’re grateful,
And yet our souls scream…fight!

We flounder with a heavy heart,
Our fate seems sealed and damned.
Man’s dignity is all but lost…
As he sinks yet deeper in the sand.
Our minds have been distorted…
Truth hidden, screened from view.
The media poison drip..drip..drip,
To protect the chosen few….

Humanity is on its knees….
It’s wake up time my friends…
To stand united…strong of voice.
There’s not much time to mend.
The chasm is gaping wider…
every minute wider still!
In strength we find salvation,
If we can only find the will!

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