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Then There Was Silence

written by: Camille



My soul screams in anguish - angry tears falling until they are a bitter river flowing with a current that threatens  to engulf me.
The lure of eternal darkness stalks me, hot breath insistent on my neck.
Yawning chasm from which there is no return.
The abyss stares back at me.. unwavering in its gaze.
Confident it has drained all hope from me.
Leaching the very blood from my veins until I am but a brittle shell,
Like an autumn leaf on the forest floor, all bloom of life long passed.
Its skeletal remains on its journey to return to the earth that bore it.
Making way for new beginnings - infant buds on the branches, the promise of life anew.
The cycle of life that has always been since the dawn of time.
My blood runs warm still in my veins!
The lure of the abyss in conflict with renewed hope.
I turn on my heel....the enchanted forest awaits.



My writing feeds my soul.

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