Tiny Tales, poetry by Snigdha Agrawal at Spillwords.com
Richard Dykes

Tiny Tales

Tiny Tales

written by: Snigdha Agrawal



moldy flattened bread
homeless man crushes garlic pods
picky about smells

cracked crystal on the shelf
fractured tibia
Swan Lake concert closed

humans hide in holes
losers don hats of the bold
strike deals for weapons

roaches on the run
hide inside pita pockets
protein-enriched meal

milk boiling on the stove
cat pooped on the new carpet
overwhelmed with chores

smell of brewed coffee
pet food bowls clanging loudly
dawn alarms go off

snooze button depressed
scattered crumpled paper balls
mind lying fallow

bug eyes stare at the child
chocolate chips in cookies
take it as an affront

overgrown bushes
cemetery home for ghosts
play chess on tombstones

power outage for days
refrigerator drops weight
get cleaned after years

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