To THE Cockroach, poem by Joan McNerney at
Erik Karits

To The Cockroach

To THE Cockroach

written by: Joan McNerney


My last stay in New York City
assured me of your aerial prowess.
How you flew around my
kitchen filled me with awe!

Sadly I remember earlier days
when you were often stuck
in those hideous “roach motels”
and couldn’t move away.

One charlatan offered me
a chocolate covered roach.
I ate one fooled by fancy
packaging but not a second.

Your ability to survive atomic fallout
is well documented. Yes, we spied
on your species scurrying
around nuclear waste with glee.

I am sure by now these undefeated
cockroaches are sailing waters
in both sewers and oceans with ease.
Hail to you…I praise your survival!

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