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Too Early Too Late

written by: Alan David Gould


Everything leaves something out
The incompletes forming an intricate disconnect
that would take time lapse to visualize
Billions of miscues, misquotes, missed opportunities
like shorts in the optic fiber of our collective being

One ill-timed moment of realization like a laser,
connecting participles
Welding fragments of a world
that we forever build
too early, too late

Alan David Gould

Alan David Gould

Alan David Gould is a composer, writer and poet residing in Sarasota, FL. Gould is putting the finishing touches on a first anthology of collected poems, soon to be published. He is also writing a book of educational essays for musicians, a journal and dream journal, composing orchestra and chamber work for film and performance and tackling the remix of 40 years worth of original singer-songwriter material.
Alan David Gould

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