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Underneath The Red Cloak

Underneath the Red Cloak

written by: Nicole Cheng



Here is a fairy tale storybook,
About me underneath the red cloak.

I sense you’re concealing in the woods.
I feel scared and misunderstood.
You’re growling under the moonlight.
Amber eyes glow in dusk and twilight.
I sense your dangerous mind.
Your claws and fangs combined.
You are lurking me in the black trees.
You are seeking me with please.
I only see your glowing stars of death.
I smell blood coming from your breath.
What is it that you want?
Is it me you want to haunt?
Ember is flaming in your eyes.
You are full of lust in fireflies.
Who are you? What is your name?
Are you playing some atrocious game?
You caught me in the middle of the trail.
Your surrounding has been prevail.
The closer you stand and stare.
The lunar flashes, glows and glares.
Are you about to devour me?
Are you here to take over me?
I don’t know who you are and strangely,
Something more appears very vaguely.
I sense more bleeding lust;
Passion and eroticism in between us.
There is an imprint with an evil stranger.
The adrenaline glee despite the danger.
Your facade appears near mines.
My sensitivity and your seduction combines.
Soon, it became more than just a kiss.
The ardency alters into aggressive bliss.
Instantly, you had me down on Earth’s crust;
Your seduction turns into erotic lust.
I am now the weak, vulnerable victim.
You are turning more forcefully wicked.
I never knew I would become a fallen angel;
I never knew I’d fall in love with the devil.
I wonder if this is a sparkling nightmare;
Don’t wake me up from this unreal lust affair.
Suddenly now have I realized,
This is only a dream of dark paradise.

I have woken up on the ground
Completely motionless and down,
With my cloak blanketing my body;
This is all only a surreal deadly dream
As I am drowning in my own bloody stream
And tragically… I am left with nobody.

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