Unmatched Dominance, poetry written by Sheila Henry at Spillwords.com

Unmatched Dominance

Unmatched Dominance

written by: Sheila Henry


He left no visible marks
no evidence to show
a crime took place here
yet a constant pounding
to her temples
is what she survived.

With insecurities
balled into a fist…
he landed blow after blow
to gain dominance
over her soul
and leave her in fear.

Her screams went unnoticed
either reaching deaf ears
or no one really cared.

Unmatched balance
left her vulnerable
fear replacing faith
tho she still clung to prayer
“Oh God please make him stop.”
Too scared to ward off
her abuser’s blows
she could only hope for a short bout.

Signs were there
blatant to start
punched so hard
she went down for the count
yet she continued forward
signs ignored.

So many share the same fate
if only they had vision
or could discern the still voices
squealing ‘this is not right’.

If only, they made different choices.
If only!

Sheila Henry

Sheila Henry

OCTOBER 2020 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords Press
On Trinidad, the larger island of The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is where Sheila was born. After a rewarding childhood, she migrated to the United States in the summer of 1969. Soon thereafter she became a Naturalized Citizen. Though she never took a Poetry class, her passion for poetry compelled her to a prolific self scholarship. Sheila resides in New Jersey where she spends her time enjoying her grandchildren and preparing her collection of poetry for publication. Sheila Henry’s writing style can best be categorized as Visual Poetry, blending emotion and vision into a poem or story of color. Her poems and short stories are featured at Spillwords Publications, Literary Yard, Sweetycat Press and other publications.
Sheila Henry

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