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Upper Crust

Upper Crust

written by: Aneek Chatterjee



I was drowning.
I was drowning
and went down deep inside,
And reached the lowest crust
of earth.
There I saw a mango garden
and a river flowing past the
garden. And a small cottage,
just for me to settle down.

I went near the cottage.
Heaps of skeletons scared me
and I rushed back to the mango
garden. I touched a mango and it
turned into a mossy-stone.
Each mango was a stone,
of different size and colour.
Scared, I tried to set sail
on the river, to escape.
The water was nothing but
molten lava.

Burning of the skin got
me awake.
Hot sun of a May morning
greeted me. Angrily, I looked
through the window,
probably, to escape.
But found skeletons of animals,
mossy stones on molten lava;

on the upper crust.

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