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Valley of Dragons

Valley of Dragons

written by: roger turner



Deep in the past
In legends and lore
Dragons were plenty
Yet, we see them no more

Dragons were awful
That’s what we were told
They killed and left waste
And they all loved their gold


Up in the Northland
Where magic still lies
Are four magic mountains
Where dragons still fly

The dragons lay waste
To the towns long ago
Stole all of their treasures
As far as we know

The story is written
About a wizard from Wales
Who could make weather
And control mighty gales

He talked to the living
And he talked to the dead
He made water spin
And could make gold from lead

The King sent out word
Bring the wizard to me
The dragons must go
It’s them, or it’s me

Many months passed
The kingdom covered in snow
The soldiers returned
With the wizard in tow

The King told his tale
To the wizard wide eyed
He looked at the King
Then the wizard replied

“I’ll not kill your dragons”
“For they are too strong”
“But, I’ll keep them away”
“Hidden where they belong”

“I’ll help save your kingdom”
“But, there will be a fee”
“No venture this large”
“Can be done for free”

The King sat in silence
Then asked for the plan
“Not kill the dragons?”
“Hide them…where man?”

“Right where they are living”
“I won’t change a thing”
“I’ll protect all the people”
“And you’ll remain King”

“All that I ask is”
“That you spread the word”
“Of the Wee Wise Welsh Wizard”
“I’ll know just who heard”

“If more kingdoms call ”
“To kill their dragons too”
“I’ll know how they found out”
“And I’ll know it was you”

“If all remains silent”
“Now, listen my friend”
“The spell that I’ve cast”
“Slowly will end”

“The dragons will learn”
“They’ll fly here in the night”
“They’ll burn down your kingdom”
“And you’ll be dead by daylight”

The King thought about this
Then he asked “why not three?”
“Keep three dragons living”
“And kill one for me”

“No” said the wizard
“It’s none or it’s all”
“If one dragon is living”
“Then, your kingdom will fall”

The king thought again
and he asked “why not kill two”
“The only ones that will know”
“Are just me and you”

“Negotiate further”
“And I’ll walk away”
“The dragons… all living”
“Or your troubles will stay”

“I’ll cast a great spell”
“Around the mountains of four”
“Your kingdom not damaged”
“And no dragons…no more”

“I’ll hide them behind”
“A magical veil”
“Stronger than dragons”
“And lighter than mail”

The King said “One question”
“The treasure they guard”
“Can we at least go and get it”
“Will that be so hard?”

“The treasure stays theirs”
“That was not what you said”
“You said get rid of the dragons”
“They’ll be gone but, not dead”

“Their treasure is theirs”
“You can have one but not all”
“Either be done with the dragons”
“Answer me when I call”

“I’m leaving to scavenge”
“All the things for the spell”
“Give me your answer”
“When you hear the town bell”

“It will ring thirteen times”
“So you know I am near”
“Tell me your choice”
“When I reappear”

In a great cloud of smoke
The wizard, he went
The King sat and pondered
What the wizards words meant

“I can’t kill all the dragons”
“There’s too many for that”
“I must make a choice”
said the King where he sat

Two days flew on by
And the bell it did chime
The bell, it reached twelve
Then it rang one more time

In a great cloud of smoke
The wizard did show
“Tell me your answer”
“Do I stay or I go?”

“I’ve thought long and hard”
“You can put up your veil”
“You’ll not kill one dragon”
“You’ll not harm one tail”

“I’ll pass on the word”
“Lose the treasure they keep”
“But, in the end sir”
“Much more soundly, I’ll sleep”

The wizard went onward
To the mountains and then
He started casting his spell
It took him hours, near ten

The drape he created
Came on up from the ground
Slowly hiding the mountains
It did not make a sound

The dragons were sleeping
With their treasure below
The spell had been cast
And they did not know

The King was then summoned
By the wizard to see
The veil he had cast
And of what the kingdom would be

“Your highness, inside here”
“The dragons can fly”
“They can do what they want”
“But, they never can die”

“I’ve finished the magic”
“Remember our deal”
“For, if you back out”
“You’ll be their next meal”

The King turned away
Let the wizard depart
He gave up a fortune
Showed he did have a heart

All went as planned
The wizard got hired
The wizard got rich
And the King, he retired

With no dragons to fight
He lost interest and soon
The King up and died
One day….around noon

His son, the new King
Took it upon himself
To make up for their losses
And to regain some wealth

He checked the agreement
That his father had made
He read the fine print
And found that all had been paid

The dragons were living
The Kingdom was free
He thought of his plan
And he thought “We shall see”

The next morning he went
And put up a sign
“Come see the dragons”
“Tours start at nine”

“I can’t have their treasure”
“That much is lost”
“But, I can show them to others”
“And there shall be a cost”

“Tours to the Dragons”
“Where all can now see”
“I’ll make a small fortune”
“On what is there for tree”

The Valley of Dragons
Still exists to this day
But, if you want to see them
Be aware, you must pay

Roger Turner

Roger Turner

I live in London, Ontario, Canada. I have published a few books "The Christmas Ponies", "Sarah and The Christmas Ponies" among others on amazon. My tastes run to Stephen King, but reach from Dr. Suess, and Shel Silverstein. I love golf and old films and anything related to old Las Vegas. I am married to the love of my life, Megan, and have been for 19 years.
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