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Katherine Chase

Voracious Appetites!

Voracious Appetites!

written by: Reena Mahay



Logs, logs, logs – Nature’s offerings abound –
As you subsume to cindery ashes in fiery Mars-like hearth,
We twirl around as ravenous, wild, starry-furry bears!
What a great scrumptious anticipated surprise;
Of a gala banquet in the frosty, dim, sooty darkness of the Sun-mislaid night!

How tranquil and spotless feels the bone-chilling blanket spread tight;
As you blaze and rage in sparkles of crackling fireflies!
Each yellowish, butter-soused, roasted moon – smells sweet of woody-burnt fumes,
Yet, the imperfect rugged size stands the most endeared hunted prize;
Post life’s slog – for a shrunk and vacuumed belly, in awesome delight!

Tongues wilted and inundated;
Lips cracked and await parted;
Eyes stare wide and glazed;
Minds focussed and directed –
Wondering…when the steaming, full blown, mellowed moons would land on to our gluttonous plates.
To douse nature’s kindled sinful human pangs,
Smouldering in our unappeasable cauldrons!

Ah! The sole grounds of all Earthly-worldly strife…
Voracious Appetites!

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