Waltz of Lust, poetry written by Simona Prilogan at Spillwords.com

Waltz of Lust

Waltz of Lust

written by: Simona Prilogan



One, two, three…one, two, three…
Shall we feel, my beloved, the waltz of lust?

Three steps for the beauty of life,
three steps through the grace on the way,
fervour is bringing to us
the vault of heaven… three steps…
Emotions are waltzing, my beloved,
under this glorious azure,
pouring delight through violin spell.

A wind is dancing with us
balancing the sounds between words,
three steps for the allurement of soul,
three steps through the melody of radiance.
Under this majestic blue
the strings are playing, my beloved,
tying tenderness to charm.

Pitches and notes are embracing the floor
in a trip of sparking pirouettes,
a red is flooding the zest
flaming ardour in our eyes.
The refrain of yearning feels the rhythm
Under this glorious sky.
Shall we dance, my beloved, the waltz of lust?

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