We All Do, a poem by Linda M. Crate at Spillwords.com
Blake Cheek

We All Do

We All Do

written by: Linda M. Crate



everything feels stagnant,
i want to get out of these
anchors weighing me down;
feel like i keep running in place
instead of chasing after my
something has to change,
but i don’t know what;
i am exhausted of every day being
exactly the same—
just want to know that everything
i am doing is worth it
because right now
i just don’t know,
right now everything seems to
be exhausting;
i am so tired of being tired
want to live and thrive and grow—
to live, not simply exist;
and i know i was born to do more
than pay bills and die
so i am fighting tooth and nail
for my own place in this world
because i know i deserve better than this:
we all do.

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