Ripples Of Time, A Chronology Of Life, poetry by Vandana Sharma at

Ripples Of Time, A Chronology Of Life

Ripples Of Time, A Chronology of Life

written by: Vandana Sharma


When emotions roll through,
the river of memories,
countless ripples of time,
splash through the mind.

Every ripple,
a special feeling,
love, anger,
happiness or sadness,
carries a story,
of life lived,
lost or survived.

Beneath these ripples,
beats a heart,
resides a soul,
bearers of our,
spiritual existence.

Ripples of time,
a chronology of life.

Vandana Sharma

Vandana Sharma

I am Dr. Vandana Sharma, a researcher from India and have a PhD in Hematology. Poetry writing is my hobby. My poems (general & science) have been published in different print and online journals/magazines like Harvests of New Millennium, Sky Island, Rewrite Sunlight Anthology, Ashvamegh Magazine, VerbalArt, Catharsis Anthology, Borderless Journal, Consilience (peer reviewed science poetry journal), International Journal of Epidemiology. At times I also write biology poems for Bio Patrika, an online science magazine focusing on biological research.
Vandana Sharma

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