We Will All Meet Again, by JOHN BAVERSTOCK at Spillwords.com

We Will All Meet Again

We Will All Meet Again



Strange when someone passes,
To the other side of the sky,
that feeling of numbness,
Sadness and question why?

Might well have been times,
Over an argument you fell out,
Cross words may have been said,
That gave you cause to doubt,

Could easily be that,
It was their voice,
You heard when needed,
the person you listened to most,
Whose words you heeded,

Brother, sister, grandparents,
Partner, husband or wife,
A special person,
Who you based around your life,

What would you give?
Just to have them for one more time?
Reassurance from them,
Everything is fine,

Peace they have found on the trip,
On which they are going,
Could change that fear,
And thought of unknowing,

Alas this uncertain feeling,
Last from dusk to dawn,
No specific time given,
To the period to mourn,

Time will be the healer,
Let it ease your pain,
if it is believed,
that one day,
We will all meet again.

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