City Of Grace wirtten by Amanda Eifert at
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City Of Grace

City Of Grace

written by: Amanda Eifert



Reason scatters, all thoughts ravaged,
Find the right words or multiply the damage.
Keep hoping, keep praying,
For minds that spark and enlighten,
As the jewel in the sky on our skin glistens.
Don’t force us to war, to always restore,
To take cover from ammunition.
Dragging our legs as if scars might heal,
Avoiding rejection by healers of medicine;
Who can’t fix everyone and everything,
Who can’t fix the wounds in facets —
Beyond physical reason;
Healings not quick, but ever so slow.
It burns and it’s cold, as ice nipping—
Infecting the world’s reasoning;
Denying its history of violence —
Devouring our souls.
Melting us, but we’re not all thoughtless;
So many of us are the light of kindness.
And I’m not a lioness, nor an invalid,
I’m in-between, in a forgotten story’s dog-eared pages.
Heart racing as we hurtle over meteorites,
More news events, cycles of perpetual mourning.
Blood spilled again —
Timeless as war and hatred.
But, ‘not’ as love and a world spotless,
All perfection that once was, before humanity —
Stole their own innocence.
Opened their eyes to pain self-inflicted;
Free choice, liberty to choose,
Paths that meander into bloodshed and chaos;
A utopia altered, driven by selfish desires.
The only relief found in the goodness,
Yet, lingering,


Now all drift, on the streets begging;
For many have no true home.
Looping and winding,
The lost seeking ‘something’ elusive,
Which, no person can define or recover.
Down invariably rabbit holes,
No roads with sunshine bricks;
To places old as old,
Dim dungeons in keeps rot, bones prattling in dead silence.
In catacombs, skulls, femurs, fibulas, phalanges rattle;
None in Private tombs.
No divine service, no last Rights,
Their personhood forgotten.
Oh, ye broken, ye burdened —
Come close.
As the modern world’s a thousand times burdened.
Come nearer and sit.
I’ll tell you a truth,
Streets thriving with people, of all kinds and races.
As you scribble, trying to blot out guilt;
Let me cease your hands, your sorrow,
Tell you that there’s forgiveness and hope.
In life, we drown and revive, until we expire.
But then, one day, we’ll reach for the surface —
Breakthrough the murky waters,
Our lungs full of the crispiest air.
Our breath in and out, in repetition ceaseless.
In a kingdom for all the lost and shattered;
For all of us.
Not one of us exits this earth full, un-cracked.
For now, we put together our pieces,
We must aid each other and love despite wrongs.
Until as the lights of the greatest city,
We are at last untarnished,
Completely whole.
Never knowing what it was to lack,
To have defects.
Now blameless and forgiven;
Never to suffer or to remember,
What it was to see a world broken;
To know a true utopia,
By grace alone.

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