When I Reach Heaven, a poem written by Ichie Francis Chibuzo at Spillwords.com
Ron McClenny

When I Reach Heaven

When I Reach Heaven

written by: Ichie Francis Chibuzo


I will tell God
Life isn’t easy down here
Will voice out my mind
Life isn’t going as planned
Can’t be able to bear it again…

I would make God understand
That I prefer another routine
To fulfill my tasks
Map not clear to me
Compass, change me to another odyssey…

This path is an aisle of its own
Not easy to stay focused
Despite obstacles
I am still strong…

Dear God,
I deserve an applause
An award of honour
A ceremonial handshake
A welcome home party…

No matter what happens next
Just know that I try
Never to mislay
From the footprint
Of which shown to me…

Preserve in your mind
I still have so many things
To get answers from you
Whenever I see you…

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