Mother, a poem written by Walid Boureghda at
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written by: Walid Boureghda


She did long watch us burgeon,
All-present for better or worse;
She slaved herself – No excursion!
Her children are her universe.

An endless smile to bring to light
On their faces, she always dreams.
Her inborn love – a candlelight –
Is mingled with merrily beams!

We feel ourselves deeply secure
– Shrouded with her warm homeliness.
Her presence always keeps us pure;
She’s the spring of our happiness.

Such a guide with firm conviction,
And always through our words and deeds,
She spurs us to pursue perfection
In whate’er hinders or impedes.

O Mother! She’s our confidante;
We feel calm to confide in you.
She’s, to her kids, all what they want;
You instill in us concord anew.

Through all her long arduous ordeals,
Her virtues are merely sublime.
Mother’s love, to the world, appeals
Through the long stream of our lifetime.

I wrote these verses for my mom;
Life without her is dull and sour.
She is the one who keeps things calm;
She’s the source of our supreme power.

May her soul rest in endless peace!
My prayers for her shall ne’er surcease.

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