When It's Love written by L.M. Giannone at Spillwords.com

When It’s Love

When It’s Love

written by: L.M.Giannone



It’s something unmistakable
Most assuredly inexplicable
Taking hold and control over you
‘Til you’re someone you don’t recognize
All of a sudden you’re selfless
Existing to please someone else
Giving just because you want to
Expecting nothing in return
Putting another’s needs above your own
Even if it’s not in your best interest
Or possibly even inconvenient
Willingly overlooking foibles and forgiving
Accepting differences that makes them unique
Letting that someone be right
At least some of the time
Absorbing another’s pain to protect them
No matter how many conflicting demands
Or how little sleep you had the night before
Making the time somehow
Dropping everything to give your all
Even if it’s just an ear or shoulder
Supporting and helping their dreams come true
Even if those dreams take them further away
Making you a better person because of them
How do I know?
Because I was in love…

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