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written by: Tasos Kyrtasoglou


Into your eyes, I sailed,
they both shined like the moon
leading the vessel of my heart
safely through the dark.
And there I met your dreams,
like bright stars in night sky,
and for a moment I could sense
that I was yours and you were mine.
Passion so sweet and longing
inflated my sails,
a tailwind blew softly
filling the air with your essence.
So smoothly I was wandering
as happy as could be.
But just before I set my hands
to your soul’s gates,
all of a sudden you raised a storm
and sank me to the depths.
The suffering that my vile self
inflicted unto you
flooded with tears
and drowned my bliss.
And then, you shut your eyes
and turned away from me.

Tasos Kyrtasoglou

Tasos Kyrtasoglou

I am a playwright from Greece since 2016. Three out of five plays of mine have been awarded since, in different writing contests. In 2018, I have released one of my plays, "Virginia", in an e-book format, under the Creative Commons Licence. I also write poems and short stories.
Tasos Kyrtasoglou

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