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Winter Sun

written by: Jacqueline Mead



At the start of a clear crisp winter's day
Our gorgeous sun has come out to play
Bursting light through the white fluffy clouds
The warmth of its rays much weaker now
It turns the sky a pale yellow
Like a loving hug; it wraps you in its arms leaving you with a feeling of softness and mellow
Its presence in the otherwise dull sky
Bringing a smile to our mouth and a sparkle to our eyes
It's a welcome start to the day
When winter's sun comes out to play

Jacqueline Mead

Jacqueline Mead

My name is Jackie Mead. I am a Children's Author and Poet from Exeter, Devon, England. I love all genres of poetry and write a mix of Nature, Poetic Tales and observational poetry. I love reading, writing, family time, word games such as scrabble and crosswords. I also love football, rugby and cricket and formula 1. My husband and I travel a lot and attend lots of music events too. I hope you enjoy my Poetry.
Jacqueline Mead

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