Women, Be Free, poetry by Akleyiaha Renaud at Spillwords.com
Noah Buscher

Woman, Be Free

Woman, Be Free

written by: Akleyiaha Renaud


A woman
waxing and waning
without repercussion
asking of no favours.
Our love-stained voices
splatter the silence of stodgy nights
with our aspirations
and that is mine.
To carry a heart
so greedy it devours me
(leaving nothing for the preying leech)
is freedom.

A woman
liberated beyond
the redundancy of inversive rebellion
needing no permission to be.
Your uncertain voice
poke at the silence of the stodgy night
to encourage me.
Yes, that is my dream.
But if your love seeks no greater deal
than to see me free,
why then,
do your eyes whisper tales of defeat?

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