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Foad Roshan



written by: Aminath Neena


can feel
the love in your eyes
clearly without novice

the smile of spring blossoms,
pink tulips gazing
right across the dawn of my iris

Illuminating the glassy lake beyond
in mystic colors
of shades of orange and scarlet
of sunlit bliss

Boring into a fathomless pit
exploring bit by bit
travelling into valleys and hills
way beyond sweet chestnut and coppice

to know the secret
of musk roses hiding beneath
thousands of sweet licorice

Setting my soul ablaze by a force
beyond expression
that possesses my inner being
with an epic promise

And so with this seal,
are voiced at all,
by choice

Aminath Neena

Aminath Neena

Aminath Neena, is an English lecturer from the picturesque archipelago nation of the Maldives. An avid lover of words, poetry is a hobby closest to her heart. Her poems usually revolve around themes such as love, relationships, spirituality, society, and global issues. She has been nominated for the 2021 Pushcart Prize and also, for the 2021 Rhysling awards in Poetry. Aminath has been published in a range of international platforms like the Trouvaille Review, Spillwords, Muddy River Poetry Review, Impspired magazine, Sylvia magazine and Borderless Journal. Her poems also have been nested in some anthologies like “The whole wide world” and many others from Sweetycat Press publications, Eccentric Orbits by Dimensionfold publishing and Poetica 2, 3, 4 and 5 of Clarendon House publications. Her bio is featured in the “Who’s Who of Emerging Writers 2021,” published by Sweetycat Press. Her poetry book, DREAMS OF MY HEART, is currently available from Amazon. Aminath is also a Scholar and a Master’s graduate from the University of Nottingham.
Aminath Neena

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