Your Training Never Ends by Jamal H Goodwin Jr. at
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Your Training Never Ends

Your Training Never Ends

written by: Jamal H Goodwin Jr.



We are in the dojo, kneeling. Sensei and her students robed in their gis, I sporting my running gear: armband, lime t-shirt, and sapphire shorts. A querulous heat descends upon and drifts around my limbs; I can tell the students feel it too, but the brunt of it is assailing me.
Hairs stand on end, perspiration drips, restless fingers twitch.
My closed eyes spot a flicker: nothing.
She won’t resume the class. Perhaps it was never meant to continue. As with my marathons prior, it isn’t about how good you look doing it. The test is: how long can you endure?

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