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Your Training Never Ends

written by: Jamal H Goodwin Jr.



We are in the dojo, kneeling. Sensei and her students robed in their gis, I sporting my running gear: armband, lime t-shirt, and sapphire shorts. A querulous heat descends upon and drifts around my limbs; I can tell the students feel it too, but the brunt of it is assailing me.
Hairs stand on end, perspiration drips, restless fingers twitch.
My closed eyes spot a flicker: nothing.
She won’t resume the class. Perhaps it was never meant to continue. As with my marathons prior, it isn’t about how good you look doing it. The test is: how long can you endure?

Jamal H Goodwin Jr.

Jamal H Goodwin Jr.

Jamal H. Goodwin Jr. is an undergraduate English major at Temple University. He enjoys learning the facets of prose style and observing writers like Teju Cole or Lydia Davis utilize it masterfully. Find his stories on Medium or on his website, thefictionwriter.
Jamal H Goodwin Jr.

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