Zoey, short story by Keith D Guernsey at Spillwords.com
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written by: Keith D Guernsey



When our four-footed son Harley went over the Rainbow Bridge in May of last year, Susan and I were heartbroken. He had been the love of our lives for 10 years and he left a tremendous hole in our hearts that we didn’t think could ever be filled.
After grieving for nine months we started talking about possibly getting another companion. Susan was ready but I still wasn’t sure but decided to go along with the process and see where it led us. We realized after sheltering-in-place for so many months that we had grown tired of staring at our computer screens (and each other!) and got serious about finding another companion. Susan spent many hours on the internet searching for a dog that met our requirements (potty trained, house-broken, and fewer than 20 pounds). She found several that we thought would be a nice addition to our home but the time she submitted our application they were already adopted.
But then we finally caught a break. She found this adorable little brown and white Chihuahua at the Gwinnett Jail House Dogs Program. Susan submitted our application but again by the time they received it, she too had been adopted. A couple of weeks later Susan received a call from the program, and as it turns there was another dog already in the house and the two dogs did not get along.
So we had a second chance. We made an appointment with Deputy Walker of the Gwinnett Jail House Dogs and agreed to meet him at Society of Humane Friends in Lawrenceville. They filled us in on her past. She was a stray roaming the streets of Cumming, Georgia where she was hit by a car and suffered a broken right rear leg and dislocated hip. Fortunately the wonderful staff at UGA veterinary program was able put her back together and she is now healthy as can be.
We met Yonah (her name at the time) and took to each other right away.
The young lady we met with told us it would take us three days to get used each other. It didn’t even take three minutes! We rode home, let her out of her carrier and let her roam around the house.
She has been a wonderful bundle of joy for the two months she has lived with us. Rambunctious, fun-loving, and the best 10 pound protector dog of all time. The only issue (and it is admittedly a minor one) is she barks loudly and continuously whenever anyone comes to the house. We are working with her constantly to teach her the difference between friend and foe. Every time I walk by her, she constantly rolls on her back and wants her belly rubbed and I am more than happy to oblige! Zoey has been with us for two months and it has been a blast! We are loving every minute of our time together and can’t wait to see what the future brings!

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