Days That Have Been, poetry by Gautham Pradeep at

Days That Have Been

Days That Have Been

written by: Gautham Pradeep


Morning dews replaced by the dark corners of
my room.
Hanging from the ceiling,
I watch as my sanity leaves my company.

A world shattering in its own reflection.
The bell continues to toll in this sickening hour.

Met and befriended many a soul,
played my part in this romantic comedy,
to connect the dots in the cosmic lining.
The four walls of my house seem intact.
Like a rabbit hopping on the Canadian
my thoughts scramble on the canvas of my past.
Gushing out from underneath,
reality rides its chariot of destruction.

Still unaware of what lies in my future,
I trouble my world with smallest of things.
Many a time did I bear a grudge against the
not realizing the garden within my reach.
Darkness surrounds me in my waking hours.
Finally, a few
moments of silence and healing.
Living a life of solace,
near the sunny hillsides of paradise.
Now, this is retribution in the hands of the
eternal owl.

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