Taking Chances by AngelFace44 at

Taking Chances

Taking Chances written by: AngelFace44 @AngelFace4459   One year to the day hard choices made, he took a chance. A new path found, he placed his steps...
Example written by AngelFace44 at


Example written by: AngelFace44 @AngelFace4459   Why do I try when it matters not? Rules to be followed by no one but me. It appears that others can do...
Perspective written by AngelFace44 at


Perspective written by: AngelFace44 @AngelFace4459   It’s just a phase or so they say. (so they hope) Listen not to the spoken truth. (falling on de...
Giving Up written by AngelFace44 at

Giving Up

Giving Up written by: AngelFace44 @AngelFace4459   slowly sinking down reaching hands attempt to save grasping weights, I drown...
Lines Of Time written by AngelFace44 at

Lines Of Time

Lines Of Time written by: AngelFace44 @AngelFace4459   Character added to enhance the years of embracing life's little dance. Reflections give proof...
The Door written by AngelFace44 at

The Door

The Door written by: AngelFace44 @AngelFace4459   One Door closes, another one opens this I have been told. Yet no one spoke of what may come when said...
Tunnels by AngelFace44 at


Tunnels written by: AngelFace44 @AngelFace4459   Darkness surrounding trying to consume me the weight of obligation threatens to undo me. Day after day...


I have always had a love affair with books and am an avid reader. I recently started writing poetry and have fallen in love with it. Expressing myself through the written word is a great release. Sharing my work with others and being welcomed into the communities of other writers is amazing.