4th of ..... written by Don Knowles at Spillwords.com

4th of …..

4th of …..

written by: Don Knowles



This land
these fields
and rolling hills
These streams and rivers surrounding me
All Fought and won with bloodstained tears
A Fight against all tyranny
This is the just how
and holy why
For banners strung and flags flown on high
In remembrance of lives sacrificed in love of liberties
To set a stride for freedom’s ideals
Regimented with galant goals so glorified
A march towards equilibrium
Where no one lives or dies on a rich man’s whims
This is the where and the when of sacred hymns
From Brandywine river to Valley Forge farmers fields
Democracies martyrs are birthed to history
An idealistic and imperfect union forms
This continent is us and ours to celebrate
This day we mark our collective independence
To share our sameness in love of all our freedoms
Forgetting not the patriots
Who paid with their last rattling breaths
So we may resound of Liberty’s clear loud clanging

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