9 Energy Tips For The Home, an article written by Deepa Kansra at Spillwords.com
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9 Energy Tips For The Home

9 Energy Tips for the Home

written by: Deepa Kansra


Everything has energy, whether in the human form or any other form. For that reason, people often associate luck and prosperity with objects like stones, paintings, photos, etc. Prosperity and good energies are also associated with colors, numbers, and spaces like empty rooms. The objects or colors considered lucky are seen as enhancing positive feelings and experiences for people.

Just like the world of positive objects and spaces, there is also a world of objects/spaces that create obstructions and negativity. Some of these “energy creators” come into our awareness, and some don’t.

Here is a 9 points list of objects and spaces which are “creators” of a certain kind of energy in the home. The list has been prepared based on principles of astrology and Vaastu Shastra (the ancient science of architecture, spaces, and things).

1. The Four Corners of the Home

The four corners of the home are “potential sites” that can hold unseen energy (dark/negative). It’s best to keep them well-lit and clean. (light can be artificial or natural).

2. The Doors and Windows

The door and windows are the mediums for free flow of energies, and also ventilation. Both should be free from obstructions. Ideally, big objects, etc. should not be placed in the front of door entrances and windows. (the bigger the objects in front of doors/windows, the greater the obstruction).

3. The Bed

The bed is associated with many things in life. Ideally, broken beds, particularly in the legs are said to create obstructions in the home and life in general. Also, stuffing unwanted papers and material under mattresses is a no-no. (the effects would vary from case to case based on the extent of damage etc.)

4. The Bedroom

Sharp objects or dark paintings near the bed can create negative influences and obstructions in general and during sleep time in particular. At least sharp objects or paintings of sharp objects should be avoided.

5. Lock and Key

Locks are purposeless without the key and vice-versa. Keeping old locks with no keys or old keys with no locks can create energies where issues in life remain unresolved for long periods of time.

6. Colors

The power of colors is recognized by experts across different fields. In terms of obstructions, the excessive use of red color can create fiery energies in the home. Red color has a warrior-type disposition, and if it dominates all other colors it is likely to enhance the martian energies. (can balance the color red with other colors).

7. Food

Stale food is not only unhealthy, but it also releases unwanted energy in the home. Food that has gone stale should not be kept for a long period of time. (this includes cooked food and also fruits).

8. Stones and Gems

It is commonly known that gems and crystals have immense power and are very strong sources of energy. There are times when we own more than one or many gems in the home. It is best to keep them all separately and not in just one box.

9. Protective Objects

It is good to keep at least one unappealing object in the living room or in the room which is often visited by guests. In such a case, the object will minimize the possibility of jealousy or evil thoughts coming towards the home.

In addition to the above, the traditional systems of astrology and the science of architecture and spaces (Vaastu Shastra) offer a lot of information of value on how to bring and maintain harmony in the home.

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