A Child is Silenced written by TrishWrites at Spillwords.com

A Child Is Silenced

A Child is Silenced

written by: TrishWrites



A child is silenced
hiding from war
ghostly glimpses of her
standing in ruin
Dark hollows beneath eyes
oddly still full of hope
tell her story

She spills sorrow
to a sound track
of bombs dropping

She wears a pink coat
and boots with tassels
She reads Harry Potter
to her brothers

We are dying
she pleads

While violent forces rage on, rage on
And the world stands mute
as a child is silenced



I was devastated to read that the twitter account of  little girl who has become a symbol for the war in Syria, has gone silent.
I wrote this poem as a reminder that we can’t become immune to the atrocities we see  – that we can’t forget the children, who don’t know any better.

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