A Death On The Way To Day Chemo, a poem written by Heather Cameron at Spillwords.com
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A Death On The Way To Day Chemo

A Death On The Way To Day Chemo

written by: Heather Cameron


The slenderness of the young woman
Belies the courage she possesses,
As she runs into the middle of the intersection,
Scoops up the stunned little ginger body.
Cradles it against her designer shirt.

She blinks long, mascaraed eyelashes,
And passes me the burden of a race to the vet.
Nestled in the black blanket, warm little body,
Broken, its blue eyes staring,
Its mouth open in a final mew.

He’s still warm, the vet says,
Describes catastrophic injuries,
Inevitable death.
Adds in her no-nonsense, offhand way,
You did all you could do.


The nurse who checks the chemo bag
Wears no makeup; chats to us all.
Fiercely clean, efficient and kind,
A lifeboat of blue-gowned proportions,
She sails amongst us maroons in this toxic sea.

I wonder if she would have the courage to
Scoop me up off the floor, to lay me against her cotton chest.
If she would turn calmly to the shocked young doctor,
And say gently, over my still warm body,
We did all we could do.

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