And I Quote, a poem by Heather Cameron at

And I Quote

And I Quote

written by: Heather Cameron


You must get sick of people asking how you are.
The big C. God, how awful. Sooner you, than me.

I didn’t know you smoked. How much do you drink?
But you’re so fit and healthy, are you sure they’re right?

My cousin read about sharks and their cartilages,
I’ll get you the internet address. More natural than chemo.

You know you got cancer because you care too much.
You stress too much. You ate too much. You didn’t eat enough

Organic garlic scones. My naturopath had cancer and
She ate raw and drank juice. You should give her a call.

Have you got a family history? They say it’s genetic.
Makes you wonder what you did in a previous life.

You look terrible. You don’t look sick. You look so grey.
You’re so brave, I couldn’t do what you’re doing.

My sister worked right through all her treatment.
You’ve taken leave? Really? You must be bored.

My mother had breast cancer; she died.
Our cat had cancer. Our neighbour’s niece had cancer too.

Oh, I didn’t recognise you. You’ve changed so much.
Now you can get back to normal. You haven’t changed a bit.

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