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A Dream in a Dream

A Dream in a Dream

written by: Rain Alchemist



I saw a dream in a dream,
My life, full of struggles and screams.
Yet not surprised by this duality,
My dream life is just like my reality.

Amidst all the existential commotion,
I gasp for life under heavy emotions.
And of everything I have ever lost,
Through pain, I am still paying the cost.

This world hardly offered any healing,
They kept playing a lot with my feelings.
Now all I have is broken expectations,
Wrapped carefully in loveless sensation.

In this realm, I must constantly run,
In heavy storms, watching a fading sun.
From thorny thickets to scary landscapes,
I feverously run, looking for an escape.

My sorrows attached to me so deep,
I feel drained but hardly find any sleep.
But if somehow, I slumber into a dream,
She visits me, gliding on a sparkling stream.

In this dream of mine, I am my witness,
Of her pure bliss and motherly caress,
She laughs and talks, plays with me,
She shows me the hope that I must see!

Her ethereal touch takes away my agony,
Her voice plays like a calming symphony,
Her smile gives me a reason to survive,
Her words still guide my unpaved life.

A dream in a dream; I see her by my side,
As if she never left, here only she resides,
Will the sleeping me realize this ever?
She is with us now; she will be forever!

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