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A Flower Bloomed

written by: huntersjames



Went hunting today, ‘twas me my girl did bring
Slowly pacing through lush green of Spring.

Our senses sharp at peak, she guarded this for sure
So quietly we held our hands and breath together.

Alone we stalked perfection in her eye
We left the road behind, still heard many passing by.

Surprised the quail guarding top his tree
Scared cottontail all nerves ran fast to flee.

Saw red tail soaring high above observing quietly
So blue late afternoon a painting for our eye.

When would we be successful hunting this her prey?
Never be for certain, the light wants to say.

Your time is frail together with your darling daughter
Then we froze, we saw too late the desert poppy after.

Could she be there still? Did we miss the perfumed yellow?
Delicate sunny color, that year precious now I know.

Many seasons ago these memories far removed,
That Spring for me I cherish as a flower bloomed.




done a lot of things,
some more worthwhile than others,
now I'm doin this

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