A Pocket of Tears, a poem written by Ger White at Spillwords.com

A Pocket Full of Tears

A Pocket of Tears

written by: Ger White


“The operation was highly successful
However, there is one thing of note
We’d like you to see what we found there
In that lump we took from your throat”

“It’s unlike any we’ve seen before
Perhaps you can allay our fears
The best way we can describe it
We found a soft pocket of tears?”

They brought in a tray with their “package”
With a glass 1,000x stronger than eyes
And Sadie sat up ‘gainst her pillows
And dared to look at this “prize”

Sadie saw them all now in clear focus
As she peered at that pack through strong light
The tears she had shed for her daughter
The tears from that last horrid fight
The tears from a lost way of loving
Tears which would not openly flow
Had formed in this pocket inside her
In amazement she saw them all now

Tears from a forced way of living
Going against every urge which was true
Tears from the sadness of others
Being suppressed and forced to be blue
Tears from an unstructured world
Washing over the young and the old
Tears for forgotten children
Tears for her own dreams grown cold
Tears that the Father in Heaven
Goes unseen– by woman or man
Tears for lost ways of living
Tears for just tears full of rain

Tears of frustration
Tears of loss of sensation
Tears of touch not allowed
Tears of stand away from the crowd
Tears of feeling dirty in her skin
Tears of forced away from her kin
Tears of businesses failing
Tears of silent loud wailing

She saw them all in this pouch
Which the doctors took out

Then she had a clear thought
From her own inner God
If glass could 1000x her eyes
She could 1000x her life
She straightened pillows and called
For the head of the Ward

She strode like a giant to the river
Tossed the packet into forever
“To the sea, to the sea  – you will flee”
Leaving her free –  to just BE.

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