A Rock Day Of Song, written by Michael H. Brownstein at Spillwords.com

A Rock Day Of Song

A Rock Day of Song

written by: Michael H. Brownstein


A rock day of song
Erosion and then comes rains,
Cross stitched wind
And a tree breaks at its waist
Listen! You can hear one hand clapping.

Glacier waters bleed
Bumps and pebbles, stone and flesh
Mountains of blue ice.
The snow melts, a siren singes the air,
A great oak bends to applause.

An aspen shakes in dance
An undercurrent of steps
And then a great silence
Until the wind circles in.
Then the tree shiver-shouts again.

Morning, the first day
The beach, us. and herring gulls
Sunlight a warm hand
The surf a glitter of light
Your kiss a blessing.

Look into the past
The future building itself
The present a gift
What have you learned? Sought? Seen?
Make it happen.

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