A Rosebush written by Phyllis P. Colluci at Spillwords.com

A Rosebush

A Rosebush

written by: Phyllis P. Colucci



A Rosebush sheds the winter’s frost
Awaiting summer bliss
As June unfolds a tender smile
Upon her lips, a kiss

The garden wakes to melodies
Of birds and sweet, soft breeze
While Mother Nature leads the dance
Of the emerald trees

Has life adorned me, once again,
with its mystical eyes?
Or has it come to lure me, with its mask
of seasonal lies?
…Lure me to the depths of evil,
where ice runs through my veins?
…Or lure me towards summer bliss,
and June’s soft, subtle rains…

I hope to waken to nature’s kiss
of sun-sweet, golden morn;
and frolic in her limpid lakes,
where souls may be reborn;
With hopes that lyin’ masks will die,
or hide within her song;
…Until the Rosebush sheds the frost,
of the wicked winter-long



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