Why It Is You, a poem by Anthony Dim at Spillwords.com
Motoki Tonn

Why It Is You

Why It Is You

written by: Anthony Dim


In the earth of billions
Where thy kind and beauty co-exist
With beings everywhere everyday
Where unique is god.

In the world, bed of life
Where eyes see. And the heart feels
In this great art of God,
You they see, you it feels.

Venus, Aphrodite, Cupid.
Love mined from deities
Purified with the furnace of humility.
The flame, not billion’s light-yours!

Shadows, black by universe’s rule
Mine, by your fair lady presence
Masked with gentle boldness.
Your tears over my hurts like heaven’s assurance
You, my abundance.

Not love the ingredient alone,
Not peace to the ‘why,’
The face that sends God smiles, neither
But, that being angels, nature, men
Let smiles race His face on days

You, fragrance of May
Summer’s daffodils garden
My unique flower.



Our choice to be unique is our choice to determine.

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