A Sense of Spring, a poem by Bruce Levine at Spillwords.com
Naomi August

A Sense of Spring

A Sense of Spring

written by: Bruce Levine



The spring sunshine lights the young leaves
With an iridescent glow
As the breeze rocks them gently
On branches newly come to life
After the winter hiatus of dormancy
Life’s abundance returns
As the grass turns greener and
Ready to grow
Squirrels and chipmunks play
In the spring warmth
A harbinger of summer delights
Of children splashing in pools and
Ocean waves
Climbing on swings and jungle gyms

The scent of jasmine fills the air
Compelling long walks
Lovers holding hands
People walking their dogs
Free of winter coats and hats and gloves
The aroma of spring flowers and fresh cut lawns
As the days move forward steadily
Growing ever longer
Evening sunsets taking on new hues
To invoke the romance of the season
Filled with new life and new love
Like a string quartet
In perfect harmony
Flowering in spring

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